Utopia sequel 

Council house strongly reflects Brutalism's urban alienation and vaguely utopian dreams of yesteryear. In today's society, this large group is enjoying life in a way that cannot be ignored in the spiralling public value utilization space.
Council House(地方当局建造的英国公共住房的一种形式)强烈反映了野兽派建筑的城市异化和昔日模糊的乌托邦梦想。 在当今社会,这个庞大的群体在螺旋式上升的公共价值利用空间中以一种不可忽视的享受生活的方式存在着。

Medium: Installation
Size: 1m*1.2m
Year: 2022

尺寸: 1m*1.2m