The capsule man

The capsule man focus on the group of people who have eating disorders caused by social phobia.In order to make it better for people to understand and take more care of those people,I combined the structure of Pop-up books with illustration.
I designed four identities, presented their stories through pop-up books, and eventually they all entered the center's hospital installation.《胶囊人》关注因社交恐惧症而导致饮食失调的人群。 我设计了四个身份的人物,把他们的故事通过立体书呈现,最终他们都进入了中心的医院装置。

Medium: Handmade Pop-up books & Installation & Illustration
Size: 210mm*148.5mm
Year: 2019

媒介:手工立体书 & 装置 & 插画