When night fills the sky, the world belongs to us and the gods. We walked from the fields to the water, from the dark woods to the glades, where we frolicked barefoot. The twinkling of the little stars is bright enough for our little shadows. Under the low branches we occasionally saw doe sleeping. But what makes the night more enchanting than anything else is that there is a place that only we know that draws us through the woods: a mysterious rose bush. For there is nothing in the world more sacred than the fragrance of roses at night. How can I not be intoxicated when I'm alone?

"Rose in the Night"  Pierre Louÿs

夜色一旦布满天空,世界便属于我们和诸神了。我们从田间走到水源边,从幽暗的树林走到林间空地,在那儿我们光脚嬉戏。 小星星的闪烁,对我们这些小影子已足够光亮。在低矮的树枝下,我们偶尔看见入睡的母鹿。 但夜间比别的事物更迷人之处,是有一个只有我们才知道的地方,它吸引我们穿过树林走去:那是一处神秘的玫瑰花丛。 因为世上没有什么能比夜间玫瑰的芳香更神圣。当我独处的时候,又怎么能不为之陶醉?