Narrative-Zombie Robot

Zombie Robot is about a once glorious journalist who loves to collect puppets and became a fake news zombie user writer robot because she wrote fake news. And this whole story is a piece of news written by a reporter who is also a puppet.
The mockumentary and sic-fi introduces the true story of Janet Cooke who wrote fake news and also the Barnum effect. The robots in the film is still enjoy the happiness of human beings and make money by making fake news. This makes people think, can robots have desires?

《僵尸用户》讲述了一个曾经光荣的记者,她喜欢收集木偶,因为她写了假新闻,变成了一个假新闻僵尸用户作家机器人。 而这整个故事,是由一个也是傀儡的记者写的一条新闻。
影片使用伪纪录片与科幻形式介绍了撰写假新闻的珍妮特库克的真实故事以及巴纳姆效应。 片中的机器人依然乐于享受人类的幸福,通过造假新闻赚钱。 这不禁让人思考,机器人能有欲望吗?

Medium: Mockumentary
Size: 1920*1080
Year: 2020