CO2 is a sprculative animation designs the future characters whose living environment changes as the air concentration changes.
The creation extracts the keyword "air", and the picture becomes a channel for sound visualization. Similar voices are used to connect different spatial scenes, and the characters change in behavior to lead to a progressive storyline, weaving a sense of rhythm through "breathing".

<CO2>作为思辨投机性动画创作了生活环境随着空气浓度变化而产生改变的未来主人公角色。作品提取了关键词“空气”,画面成为了声音可视化的渠道。用相似的声音串联起不同空间场景,角色在行为上发生变化从而引出渐进式的故事情节,通过“呼吸” 编织出节奏感。

Research shows :
"People become dumb when exposed to high concentrations of carbon dioxide."
Is it true or because you are too stupid so you believe it?

研究显示 :



Medium: Stop Motion Animation & Installation
Size: 1920*1080*3
Year: 2019

媒介:定格动画 & 装置