Atmosphere explores the theme of "newly born interpersonal communication".
When people first met, they were cautious and curious, sometimes may encounter unexpected social processes.
Film chooses a slower performance rhythm. Three scenes represent the process of first acquaintance understanding and estrangement. The "stains" in each segment are like unexpected and unpleasant experiences in interpersonal communication. The split-screen expresses the contradiction between inner psychology and outer behaviour, and the use of surround and bypass channels accentuates this sensory effect.

《气氛》探讨了“新生的人际交往”这一主题。 人们初次见面时,谨慎而好奇,有时可能会遇到意想不到的社交过程,发现对方不可能与他们成为朋友,但仍保持礼貌的态度。为了突出这一特点,影片选择了较慢的表演节奏。
三个场景分别表现初识、了解、疏远的过程。 每个片段中的“污点”,就像人际交往中意想不到的不愉快经历。分屏表达了内心心理与外在行为之间的矛盾,环绕和旁通通道的使用更突出了这种感官效果。

Medium: Art Film
Size: 2840*1080, 4k
Year: 2020

尺寸:2840*1080, 4k