Zhu Yi focuses on creating immersive and speculative stories through film, painting, and installation, is committed to combining interdisciplinary technology and knowledge, and actively embraces multimedia.


Royal College of Art/Master of Art
Information Experience Design - Moving Image Design

East China Normal University/Bachelor of arts 
Fine Art - Contemporary Art Practice

China Academy of Art/Certification
Chinese Painting in flower and bird

Juequn Painting and Calligraphy Institution/Certification
Chinese Painting in figure


Busan Film Festival, Rolling Hanamaki Asia Pacific Youth Film Festival,2022
Royal College of Art, Battersea, graduate show,2022
Gorvy Lecture Theater,Royal College of Art,2022
at the edge of safehouse,Goldsmiths University of London,2022
HiShort! Short Film Festival,2021
The 15th FIRST Youth Film Suprise Festival,2021
UK-China Film Cooperative R&D Center,2021
1CM Art Space,2021
The 15th FIRST Youth Film Festival,2021
White Noise exhibition,Royal College of Art,2021
"PROCIMITY & DISTANCE",Royal College of Art,Rosewood Building & Himalayan Museum,2021
CSSA-UK -UK,Royal College of Art,2021
Creative Design Competition Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival,2020
NO Theater Independent Short Film Festival,2022
Re Position Re Contact Free Talk, Royal College of Art/University of the Arts London,2020
ACOUSMA auditory hallucinations,2020
iArt Youth Art Project,Yuan Museum,2019
Liu Haisu Museum.2019
Youth100 Art Fair,2020
Life and Death Museum,2020
World Trade Center Exhibition Hall,2019-2022
ZYinghua·Prosperous Cultural Fortune-Zhejiang Province 20th Female Painter Works Exhibition,2019
Lu Yanshao Museum,2019
the third "Hui Chuang Youth"-Shanghai University Student Cultural and Creative Works Exhibition Season,2018
Yinghua·Prosperous Cultural Fortune-Zhejiang Province 19th Female Painter Works Exhibition,2018
Calligraphy art exhibition ECNU,2018
Hui Chuang Cultural and Creative Exhibition Season,2018
Photography Contest,ECNU,2017
Danqing Yinghua·Prosperous Cultural Fortune-Zhejiang Province 18th Female Painter Works Exhibition,2017
"April Countryside Style and Beautiful Life" Exhibition,China Academy of Art,2017
China Academy of Art series of exhibitions,2016-2018
ECNU series of exhibitions,2016-2020


Children's Publishing House X Lakeside Road Shopping Center,2021
Himalayan Art Museum,2021


Senior Middle School Art Teacher Qualification,2019
Member of Zhejiang Women Painters Association,2018


Britain international creative competition, Bronze,2021
Scholarship Candidate, Royal College of Arts,2021
Finalist Awardillustration, Creative Design Competition Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival,2020
Third-class Scholarship Academic Excellence for ECNU, 2019,2018,2017
Finalist AwardPhotography-Yunnan Street, "Companion with study, light and book shadow Learning in ECNU,Theme Contest",2017
Finalist Award,The first fine art exhibition, ECNU,2017
Excellent AwardInstallation,The first fine art exhibition,ECNU,2017


Chinese painting,Returning to the Fields Fun Pleasur/Swimming Fish to Listen,Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House,p64-65

Chinese painting, Buddha statue,Eastern Holding Kingdom Heavenly King Statue/Southern Growth Heavenly King Statu,Han Mo Dan Qing Painting Auspicious Shanghai Jue Qun Painting and Calligraphy Institute Works Exhibition,p84-85

Oil painting,Girl portrait,Public Transportation Art Magazine

Chinese painting
Returning to the Fields China Art Weekly Special Edition, the most reputed art media in China